About Us

Calm Island is the developer of the brand Badanamu and sells educational products in over 30 countries. The company concept is super pre school for ages from 12 months to 5 years old. The company was created by David Roberts in London, UK after watching his nephews grow and develop and the need for children to learn foundational skills before entering kindergarten. The company headquarters is located in California with interactive play design in Sweden.

"When you watch young children at home or in the classroom, emotional happiness is the arbiter for many things. If children are insecure, sad or frustrated, they lose interest and struggle to engage. Without engagement, it is hard to learn and develop new skills: mental, physical or sensory. When children are happy and feel secure, anything is possible."

Calm Island's mission is to provide young learners with an emotional foundation that allows anything to be possible.

Our logo is an upside-down tree beneath a small island. The logo represents the idea that beneath the surface of every child there is a whole tree of growth. Calm Island’s simple ambition is to create learning environments where children can grow and thrive. We strive to put the discovery and wonder back into children’s education by utilizing technology in developmentally appropriate ways. Calm Island believes this can be accomplished by beautiful animations, compelling narrative and the use of applications that combine physical and digital worlds. We want your child to be happy and for anything to be possible!"