Foundational and Core Skills Program

The Badanamu Education Curriculum starts with early learning at 1.5 years old. In the 1-year program, young learners can take monthly lessons based on seasonal themes and sensory play. Then, learners can take foundational skills classes to build necessary skills to further build literacy skills with vocabulary and/or phonics or core STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) classes.


The literacy program addresses the five components of literacy: Vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, reading fluency, and comprehension with the inclusion of sensory play and oral language. The program reinforces literacy skills through symbol imagery, concept imagery, and various sensory activities.


Oral Language

Develop oral language skills through rhythm & rhyme and set phrases.

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Foundational Courses: Vocabulary, Phonics, and Math

Preparatory lessons for Bada Talk, Bada Sound, and Bada S.T.E.A.M.

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Pre-Kindergarten: Early Sensory Learning

Learn numbers, colors, emotions, shapes, etc. through fun games and board books that work with the Bada Pen.

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Thematic Vocabulary

Learn thematic vocabulary and everyday phrases with scaffolded learning steps to expand your child’s vocabulary in a fun way with Bada Talk.

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Our Bada Sound program teaches phonics beginning with consonants and short vowels sounds up to five-sound words with diphthongs and digraphs.

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Our Bada Read program focuses on building sight words, contextual reading, and comprehension with a variety of learning accessories and visually appealing storybooks.

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The Badanamu Level Test is the perfect platform to check and see from which Badanamu program your child will most benefit.

The 28-question test will assess your child’s vocabulary, sound-symbol association, and basic decoding.