Explore the magical land of Badanamu in an all-new learning app!


Children can choose the characters they like, making learning more fun and interesting.


iOS, Android


Q4 2017

Minimum Device:     

iOS / i Pad2, i Pad mini

Android / Galaxy Tab, MiPad 3

Offline mode available


Under 100MB ( 10,000 hours Playable)

Offline Mode: Requires additional 2GB space


English, Korean, Chinese

multi-language support, 20++ languages

Business Model:

Subscription model via IAP or direct subscription


Parents can track the progress of their children for each activity and easily identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Parents can access their kid’s learning information via their account.

Parents can protect their children’s accounts and control access through a feature called Kid Lock.

Contents from the Bada Preschool Curriculum are available and can be modified to accommodate the user’s educational level and needs.

Learn more about the Bada Preschool Curriculum: