With each 11-minute CGI animated episode, Badanamu blends real world learning, imaginative inventions, and fantastic adventures.


The audience follows Bada, an adorable puppy with big ideas, as he uses his heart, head, and a bundle of comic inventions to nagivate problems in the magical world of Badanamu. Bada is helped by an adorable group of friends and a wacky professor with a team of mini helpers, to learn and grow together.

Each episode offers creative and STEM learning moments that relate directly to the social, emotional, and cognitive development of preschoolers.

However, these educational insights do not detract from what is a wonderfully entertaining preschool show which will have children bouncing and laughing with joy.

Audience: Preschool

Episodes: 52 x 11 minutes (26 episodes per season)

Content: Narrative stories with empathy, S.T.E.A.M. moments, and a song in every episode

Format: 24 fps, 1080p HD digital mastering

Delivery Schedule:

– February 2017 : Pilot
– January 2018 : 26 episodes (S1 completed)
– August 2018 : 26 episodes (S2 completed)