2016 was a BIG year for us!

Here are some of the highlights this year here at Badanamu:

  • First, we finished and developed our vocabulary curriculum, Bada Talk.
    Bada Talk is is a vocabulary program created for young children (30 months+) and it teaches them thematic vocabulary and everyday phrases through our storybooks, activity books, songs and music videos. We also have the Bada Talk app available on iOS and Android, which includes different interactive mini-games. It’s a holistic and exciting approach for young children to explore and learn at this age.
    There are twelve topics based on the two major themes: (1) Around the Home, and (2) Health & Exercise:

  • Second, we released our Bada Pen (Learning Pen 3.0). It’s the most updated pen yet!
    The Bada Pen, to shortly describe its function and purpose, combines the ability to read our interactive books and play our games.
  • The Bada Pen has Bluetooth Mode and Reading Mode, which work with our storybooks, apps & games, board books, game boards, and interactive stickers. It’s a great way for young children to grow in their fine motor skills and also learn English in a fun and interactive way.


Here’s our unboxing video in case you missed it!

Included in the Bada Pen Set is the following: 1 Bada Pen, 1 gameboard pack, and 2 interactive board books.

  • Third, We have to mention all the amazing songs and music videos that our Badanamu fans love so dearly. Thank you for all the feedback, love, and support this year. Seeing all the pictures and videos of your children laughing and dancing to our songs keeps us going.  Most of all, they’re learning while having fun. YAY!!
    This year, we released over 50 videos just on YouTube alone! Here are just a few mentions of our animations this year:


  1. Brush, Brush, Brush (4,735,783 views)


2. Three Sick Kittens (1,587,322 views)


3. Together We are a Family (972,978 views)

  • Lastly, there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to and expect in 2017! We announced that Badanamu would be releasing our first TV series titled, “Imagine That!” It’s currently in production and aimed to release around September 2017. 🙂 🙂

Look out, 2017! HERE WE COME!

Here’s a clip of all the best hits from 2016!

Order of songs:
1. GongXi GongXi – Happy Lunar New Year! (0:01)
2. Together We are a Family (1:41)
3. Brush Brush Brush (3:20)
4. Mimi’s Robot (5:07)
5. Three Sick Kittens (7:05)
6. Work on our Fitness (9:13)
7. Abby’s Song (11:42)
8. Rise and Shine (12:16)
9. This is Gonna Be Sweet (13:59)
10. First Aid Friends (16:36)
11. Number Rap (19:18)
12. Every Mess I Make (22:15)
13. Cute Little Puppies (24:44)
14. Let’s Play Hide-and-Seek (26:30)
15. Happy and Sad (28:30)
16. Bada’s Birthday Surprise (30:34)
17. We Love Christmas (32:56)
18. Cooking in the Kitchen (34:44)
19. Fun Run (36:50)
20. Bada Gets Ready for Bed (38:59)


Thank you everyone, for all your support and love.

In the new year, we hope to see your child discover the endless and amazing possibilities inside of them. May it come out more than before.

We would love to hear your favorite memory of 2016. Let us know what you would like to see more of in 2017! 🙂


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– As Bada would say, “Cheers to a wonderwaffle year!”