One of the most exciting things to happen at Badanamu last year was the release of our vocabulary program, Bada Talk. Every week for the next four weeks, we will be exploring everything that makes this program a really fun and exciting way for your child to learn basic thematic vocabulary.

Bada Talk is designed for young learners at 33 months and above. It is a scaffolded program that offers a build-up of skills for ease of learning. The program centers around core vocabulary separated into two major themes:

(1) Around the Home
(2) Health & Exercise

All the products in the Bada Talk program work together to create a comprehensive vocabulary curriculum:

(1) 12 Storybooks
(2) 12 Board Books
(3) 12 Vocabulary Card Packets
(4) 12 Activity Books
(5) 36 Bada Talk Chant, Song, and Dance Animations
(6) 1 Bada Talk Application (iOS, Android)

STORYBOOKS The Bada Talk Storybooks include stunning visuals with an exciting narrative to set the context for learning key vocabulary. The hardcover books are 23x27cm (approx. 9×10.5in) and range from about 28-35 pages. These are Bada Pen enabled so your child can interact with nearly all the elements on the page.

Storybooks #1-6 include:

Storybook Set 2

Storybooks #7-12 include:


The Bada Talk Board Books include the same stunning visuals as the storybooks but with an abridged version of the story (i.e., simple text) for young learners or independent readers. The board books are 14x14cm (approx. 5.5×5.5in) and range from about 16-22 pages. These books are Bada Pen enabled so your child can interact with nearly all the elements on the page.

Board Book Set 1

Board Books #1-6 include:

  • The Penguin Family
  • Bada Gets Ready
  • Let’s Play Hide-and-Seek
  • Clean Up Time!
  • Kitchen Helpers
  • Bada Gets Ready for Bed

Board Book Set 2

Board Books #7-12 include:

  • Bada Food Patrol
  • First Aid Friends
  • Curly & Punk: Slam Dunk!
  • Three Sick Kittens
  • Mimi’s Robot
  • Bada’s Birthday Surprise


The Bada Talk Activity Books reinforce the vocabulary words introduced in the storybooks and board books. There are a variety of activities for your child to choose from, including:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Keyword matching
  • Sticker activities

Activity Books

Activity Books #1-12 include:


The Bada Talk Vocabulary Cards are the perfect way to introduce and reinforce the key vocabulary words found in each story.

BT_Learning Cards

The Vocabulary Card Set includes all the keywords from all 12 storybooks:

  • 89 vocabulary keywords
  • Bada Pen enabled
  • Full-color image on one side, keyword text on other


The Interactive Sticker Boards are a fun way to recreate your child’s favorite scenes from the storybooks while learning vocabulary at the same time! These reusable stickers are the perfect compliment to the rest of the package.

Sticker Boards




DVDs and CDs

The DVD/CD set includes all your favorite Bada Talk animations and audiobooks.

  • 5 DVDs
    • 12 chant animations
    • 12 sing-along animations
    • 12 dance animations
  • 4 Audio CDs
    • 12 chant songs
    • 12 sing-along songs
    • 12 dance songs
    • 12 board book audiobooks
    • 12 storybook audiobooks


The Bada Talk Application for iOS and Android is a fantastic digital library of all your favorite Bada Talk products.

Bada Talk App The application includes:

  • All 36 animations
  • 12 interactive storybook eBooks
  • 12 read-along board books
  • 12 mini-games
  • 12 word-review games


Join us next week for the next blog in the Bada Talk Blog Series! We’ll be showing you how to use some and give you a closer look at some of these products.