Welcome back to the second post of our Bada Talk Blog Series! In this four-week series, we are all about our latest vocabulary program, Bada Talk. Last week, we introduced all the products in the lineup. This week, we are going to show you how to use some of the main products in the program.



The storybooks not only offer an introduction to the key vocabulary words, but they also offer context to learn these words. Whether it be the snowy backdrop of Glacier Hills, or inside Bada’s house, the storybooks are the perfect backdrop to your child’s learning.

All the primary elements inside the pages interact with the Bada Pen. You can tap the text for the narration, tap the characters to hear their cute voices, and various items for fun sound effects!

All Bada Talk Storybooks have a game board on the back cover. Just flip over the storybook and put your pen on ‘Game Mode.’ Then, open either the Bada Talk App or Badanamu: Learning Library, and go to the corresponding mini-game!



All the elements in the Board Books interact with the Bada Pen as well! Just put the pen in ‘Play Mode’ and tap various elements on the page.

All Bada Talk Board Book have a game board on the back cover as well. Just flip over the book and put your pen on ‘Game Mode.’ Then, open either the Bada Talk App or Badanamu: Learning Library, and go to the corresponding word review game to practice all the keywords your child has learned.



The activity books are a great way to reinforce the learning points from the storybooks. The activity books include vocabulary review, arts & crafts, coloring, and sticker activities.

The back of the activity books can be used as a game board to play the corresponding Bada Talk mini-game! (The same game as the storybooks.)

The vocabulary cards are a great way to introduce and review key vocabulary words. These double-sided cards have the word on one side and the keyword image on the other. The vocabulary cards interact with the Bada Pen in both ‘Audio Mode’ and in ‘Play Mode.’


Thank you for joining us this week in learning more about the  Bada Talk products. Join us next week for the 3rd installment of the Bada Talk Blog Series for a run-through of a sample lesson.