The 43rd Seoul International EduCare & Kids Fair, commonly referred to as COEX EduCare, took place from Thursday, July 11, to Sunday, July 14 at the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul, South Korea. Badanamu, an official sponsor of the exhibition, joined 300 other exhibitors and industry leaders to showcase their products related to early childhood education and development.   

With roughly 80,000 attendees, the COEX EduCare is the largest and most recognized exhibition in South Korea that specifically targets early childhood education. This year’s grand prize recipient in the Global Infant and Toddler English Education category of the “2019 Korea Education Brand Awards,” Badanamu, made a grand appearance with their product offering and detailed explanation of the company’s recently established ESL Advisory Board. Badanamu continues to put forth immense efforts to enhance early education through technology advancements and sound curriculum. 

This is Badanamu’s first time as an official sponsor of COEX EduCare, but seventh time attending the event. This year, in addition to the current curriculum line-up, Badanamu offered the recently released Bada Rhyme 2 and Bada Genius STEM packages for purchase at the event. They also displayed their full suite of Badanamu applications and gave attendees a preview of the company’s advanced Learning Management System (LMS) solution, KidsLoop.

Furthermore, children had the opportunity to engage with Bada, Jess, Pogo, and Curly through various experience zones while the parents took advantage of Badanamu’s special events and on-site sales promotions. The events took place hourly and included meet and greets, arts & crafts, and a sneak peek at the upcoming animated series, “Badanamu Stories.” Even Korea’s beloved twin influencers, Sua and Suji, made a guest appearance at the booth and danced along with Bada and Jess.

Overall, COEX EduCare is an important event for Badanamu as it allows the brand to promote its latest products and connect with fans in the South Korean market. Badanamu plans to attend the exhibition again this November with exciting new products and company updates. 


About Calm Island Co., Ltd.

Calm Island is an education technology company that pairs emotionally engaging content with science and data to improve early childhood reading and literacy levels. Through its educational brand, Badanamu, Calm Island provides learning solutions in over 30 countries across the globe.