Badanamu, Asia’s leading education brand for ages 0 to 8, partnered with Digital Power Media Co., Ltd to enhance learning through the education-entertainment platform, ZPlus. 

ZPlus is an integrated platform that delivers highly engaging content on various educational topics. Aligned with Badanamu’s “Learn and Play” slogan, ZPlus fosters learning and imagination through technology, games, and merchandise. Through the platform, children are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills as well as their emotional intelligence. 

On Friday, June 28, key stakeholders of Badanamu joined the ZPlus launch event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Many young children engaged with Badanamu’s beloved characters through animated video content, interactive books and IOT devices, and an arts & crafts activity. In addition, live performances of “Ponytail” in Vietnamese and Badanamu’s rendition of “Xúc Xắc Xúc Xẻ,” a traditional Vietnamese children’s song, entertained the event’s guests and young Vietnamese families.

Badanamu looks forward to the ongoing collaboration with Digital Power Media to transform modern education through ZPlus. Using emotional engagement and localization, Badanamu will continue to provide unique content and tools for effective early learning for children in Vietnam.


About Calm Island Co., Ltd.

Calm Island is an education technology company that pairs emotionally engaging content with science and data to improve early childhood reading and literacy levels. Through its educational brand, Badanamu, Calm Island provides learning solutions in over 30 countries across the globe.