Our Pre-K 3 program focuses on building basic vocabulary, introduces the alphabet, and builds fundamental mathematics skills.

All these foundational skills are necessary to have a strong basis for learners to enter the core skills program.

We believe that it is extremely important for children to begin learning at an early age. Multiple studies, including one done in 2000 by the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, have shown that early learning experiences positively effect the brain and lay the foundation for intelligence and a positive impact on school readiness. Research from the Perry Preschool Study also shows that children that begin a preschool program went on to show much greater economic and social success later in life.

Just as a building needs a strong foundation, a young learner needs a strong foundation for basic core skills. For students aged 2-4, the main focus should be to foster primary skills in colors, numbers, shapes, and the alphabet. Before a child can learn what the letter ‘a’ says, they need to know the symbol, ‘a.’ Starting this process early is best and we believe your child can never be too young to start learning.

This program is great for…

    • young learners that need to learn colors, numbers, shapes, and the alphabet.

    • English Language Learners that have had some exposure to the primary concepts in their native language but need a bridge program to connect their prior knowledge with English.

    • students where their understanding of basic skills in colors, numbers, shapes, and alphabet is inconsistent.

    • learners that are just beginning enrichment learning.

    • parents who want their child to begin STEAM enrichment with age-appropriate exposure to STEAM concepts.

In the foundational vocabulary program, children will learn up to 80 words related to colors, numbers, and shapes.

In the foundational phonics program, children will learn the lowercase alphabet letters and keywords related to each letter.

In the foundational STEAM program, children will learn about plants and animals, basic addition and subtraction, counting up to 20, problem solving, and simple coding.