ESL Home Learning Solution

ESL Home Learning Solution

Badanamu ESL Program delivered through a digital platform!

Structured, standards-based ESL curriculum  
Young learners three years of age and above can access thousands of minutes of engaging and structured English education across a variety of topics and interactive activities!

Kids will love to learn

Engaging activities
Learning stays through songs, books, videos, and interactive activities.

Structured content
Original and structured songs, books, and interactive activities are both engaging and easy to grasp for young learners.

Diverse learning methods
Young learners engage with our structured, standards-based ESL curriculum through open-ended creative activities and assessed lessons.

Advanced Analytics

Vocabulary Strength
The most important metric to track for any young learner, easily displayed at your fingertips!

Listening Analysis
Zero in on the mechanics of learning a second language. Preview a learner’s progress centered around their ability to produce meaning and understanding after hearing words with phonematic sounds.

Pre-writing Analysis
Embark on valuable data and reports centered around the beginning stages of a young learner’s encoding skills.


The Badanamu Learning Pass Premium unlocks all learning apps and 300+ ESL lessons for 1 full year.

The Badanamu Learning Pass unlocks all learning apps and 300+ ESL lessons for 1 full year.


  • 13 Learning Apps
  • 5 ESL levels
  • Unlimited access to 300+ lessons
  • 52 Premium animated episodes
  • 500+ Minutes of premium songs
  • 10 Learning apps coming soon