Bada Read is the final program in the ESL course. It focuses on building a strong sight word base, reading fluency, and comprehension. By the end of the program, children learn 240 sight words and 280 vocabulary words.



Bada Read is great for learners…

that are 5+ years old.

that can read but struggle with accuracy or speed.

that have strong reading fluency but struggle with reading comprehension.

[Sample] Bada Read Monthly Package 9

Learning Objectives:

Improve reading accuracy and fluency

Begin to decode and read independently

Practice reading comprehension skills

Engage in sensory play and STEM activities

Practice role-playing events from the story

Learn keywords: smile, water, flower, igloo, sleepy, sad, tired, cheer up, goodbye, goodnight

Learn sight words: house, may, another, song, better, sky, sing, stars, I’ll, done



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