Bada Rhyme is the foundation program children are first introduced to, with a focus on oral language skills. Nursery rhymes have been passed down for generations and are often a child’s first experience with literacy. It exposes children to patterns in speech, phonemic sounds, and the structure of a book.



Bada Rhyme is great for learners…

that are 2 years old and up.

that do not have any exposure to English.

that have never had formal or informal instruction in English.

that do not have any or limited English vocabulary.

that love nursery rhymes.


[Sample] Bada Rhyme Monthly Package 2

Learning Objectives:

Develops oral language through classic nursery rhymes

Engages children in sensory play

Exposure to patterns of language

Develops gross motor skills

Develops key words: rain, play, Bada, Abby, Mimi, Pogo, Curly, Jess, blow, horn, sheep, meadow, cow, corn, under, haystack, asleep



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