Bada Sound is a comprehensive phonics program in the ESL course. It is divided into five levels with a focus on building phonemic awareness and a basic sight word base. Confident, independent readers need a deep understanding of phonics. Throughout this program, children learn all the common phonemes in the English language, including short and long vowels, digraphs, consonant blends, and diphthongs.



Bada Sound is great for learners…

that are 4.5+ years old.

that have basic English vocabulary and are able to answer simple WH-questions.

that know their alphabet.

that do not know how to read.

that have limited instruction in phonics.

that struggle with decoding.

that struggle with phoneme blending.

[Sample] Bada Sound Monthly Package 2

Learning Objectives:

Review phoneme categories: consonants and vowels

Begin to build phonemic awareness

Begin to decode CVC words

Learn to decode words with consonant sounds /b/, /n/, /s/

Learn to decode words with short vowel sound /a/ Engage in sensory play

Engage in sensory play

Learn keywords: bag, can, hat, sad



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