Badanamu is built to be an integrated digital and physical platform. By joining our franchise team, you can enjoy both revenue streams through licensing and affiliate sales programs. We offer small, middle and large-scale franchising opportunities.

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Badanamu Education Solutions

Badanamu education solutions provide a holistic, IP-based education solution for young learners founded on early development research that promotes natural language acquisition and emotionally engaging characters that children love. Badanamu education is powered by the Badanamu Learning Method that fosters emotional intelligence, total physical response, sensory learning, blended learning and memory processing to teach literacy and can be easily tracked by teachers and parents with our explicit, measurable and achievable learning milestones.

Badanamu’s holistic solution includes physical (course books), digital (digital course book + educational games) and IoT (Bada Pen) to ensure young learners have a variety of different learning and educational stimulus while providing valuable student feedback to teachers and parents.


Our Programs

Badanamu courses follow 3 tracks

Foundation: Make your students’ transition to kindergarten as smooth as possible. The Foundation track is designed for students aged 18 months to 3 years old and develops oral language, vocabulary, and phonics while developing gross/fine motor skills, engaging in sensory play and exposing children to different language patterns. Foundational STEM concepts are also introduced such as numbers/counting, animals, and coding.

Literacy: Prepare your students for success in the classroom. The Literacy track is designed for learners aged 3-6, benchmarked with major external testing methods, such as Cambridge English Language Assessment, and develops relevant and meaningful language using a scaffolder approach for easy progression. Thematic vocabulary and phrases are developed in natural settings and phonics is developed through sound and symbol associations.

Advanced Reading: Develop reading fluency, comprehension, and a joy of reading. The Advanced Reading track is designed for students aged 4-7 with STEM modules to engage students by making them learn about how the world works and look for relationships and patterns while also encouraging them to interact and familiarize themselves with technology, tools, systems and structures.

Why Join Us?

Why Join Us?

Badanamu is a comprehensive learning solution with customizable physical, digital and IoT product solutions including:

Over 200 Storybooks

Over 100 Workbooks

Teaching Guides for every lesson

Learning props to go along with lessons

Fully digitized course book and activity books with Learning Management System

Game-based learning with educational games directly linked with classroom content

Sensory development, instant feedback and IoT with Bada Pen

New content is added every month, keeping our course fresh and stimulating.

Our educational solution is fully customizable and is perfect for any type of educational program, whether that be nurseries, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, learning centers/academies, homeschool or direct-to-consumer channels and other forms of distribution. We work hand-in-hand with our franchisees to co-develop a tailored learning solution that fits their needs, including the right mix of paper, digital and IoT, as well as taking time to work with our curriculum experts to decide on course modules and advanced curriculum customization.



Our revolutionary program allows Master Franchisees to create a wealth of business opportunities:

Nursery and Kindergartens: We have a full program and teacher guides to show how to co-develop for both nursery and kindergartens.

Preschool: A comprehensive preschool program that teaches the basic skills necessary for kindergarten

Kindergarten: 3-year literacy program with 36 separate lessons with storybooks, workbooks, and full digital support

Center Licensing Strategy: A turn key solution to open your own center with teacher training, design and marketing support

Home-School Licensing Strategy: Developing a network of qualified and experienced tutors or parents to teach Badanamu. Enjoy our exclusive affiliate technology and support programs.

Direct to Consumer Channels: Nationwide distribution of our retail and licensed products through internet, home shopping and retail channels

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