Badanamu Tablet


Our specially developed KidsOS ensures that students only use their Badanamu tablets for educational purposes. Teachers don’t have to worry about watching students and worrying about what sites they accidentally find or what videos they may stumble upon.

Durable enough to handle the toughest classroom

Our Badanamu Cases have tested and proven durability. We put our tablets and cases through stringent stress testing to ensure that even the most rambunctious children can learn with our tablets

Data Analytics just a touch away

Create student profiles to track your student’s progress across our entire learning ecosystem with KidsLoop LMS comes pre-installed, meaning your teachers can use the Badanamu Tablet to access lesson plans, teaching guides, tips and assess student learning outcomes all in real-time while teaching


Bada Pen 4

Enhance your student’s reading experience

The all new Bada Pen 4 revolutionizes reading education. Now every time your students use their Bada Pens to enhance their reading experience, whether it be at home or at school, the Bada Pen will automatically sync with KidsLoop LMS so teachers and parents get in-depth statistics and data analytics about your students’ reading habits. Machine learning is harnessed to understand and analyze student reading abilities and provide valuable insights to educators and parents.

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