Early Childhood ESL
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Early Childhood ESLHome Learning Solution

Unique for every learner

Personalized learning path | Learning paths dynamically change based on a learner’s performance on previous lessons and analytics from video-based learning. Each learner is presented with level-based songs, books, videos, and activities that allow them to learn at their own pace. 

Robust curriculum to improve every skill

Structured, standards-based, ESL curriculum | Perfect for those who are three years and older, young learners can access thousand of minutes of English education across a variety of topics and interactive activities!

Kids will love to learn.

Engaging activities | Learning stays through songs, books, videos, and intervactive activities.

Structured content | Original and structured songs, books, and interactive activities are both engaging and easy to grasp for young learners.

Diverse learning methods | Young learners engage with our structured, standards-based ESL curriculum through open-ended creative activities and assessed lessons.

Advanced Analytics

Vocabulary Strength | The most important metric to track for any young learner, easily displayed at your fingertips!

Listening Analysis | Zero in on the mechanics of learning a second language. Preview a learner’s progress centered around their ability to produce meaning and understanding after hearing words with phonematic sounds.

Pre-writing Analysis | Embark on valuable data and reports centered around the beginning stages of a young learner’s encoding skills.

Speech Analysis | Access reports that analyze a learner’s decoding skills. Accuracy scores are calculated for each keyword so parents and teachers can easily provide a personalized learning experience.

The Badanamu Learning Pass Premium unlocks all learning apps and 300+ ESL lessons for 1 full year.

The Badanamu Learning Pass unlocks all learning apps and 300+ ESL lessons for 1 full year.


  • 13 Learning Apps
  • 5 ESL levels
  • Unlimited access to 300+ lessons
  • 52 Premium animated episodes
  • 500+ Minutes of premium songs
  • 10 Learning apps coming soon