Lexile Measures and Badanamu Story Time:

What’s a Lexile Measure and Why is it Important?

Badanamu Story Time rates all its text by using something called a Lexile measure. A Lexile measure is a valuable piece of information about a child’s reading ability and the difficulty of text. The Lexile measure is shown as a number with an “L” after it, for example 150L. Most importantly, Lexile measures help parents and teachers know how their child is growing in ability level. As an example, take a look at the education information for Badanamu Story Time Level 1.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.20.44 PM As you can see, BST  Level 1 has a Lexile rating beginning with BR (or beginner) progressing to 200L. Metametrics, the company behind Lexile, explains why this is important information to have.


“The idea behind The Lexile Framework for Reading is simple: if we know how well a student can read and how hard a specific book is to comprehend, we can predict how well that student will likely understand the book. For example, if a reader has a Lexile measure of 600L (600 Lexile), the reader will be forecasted to comprehend approximately 75% of a book with the same Lexile measure (600L).”

In terms of Badanamu Story Time, it means that a child who has little or no experience with reading English can complete level 1 and as a result potentially read other books within +/- 50 of 200L. Knowing your child’s Lexile level opens up all kinds of options for him or her to explore reading in a context that will continue to build their confidence.


For a video explanation of how Lexile levels can help you monitor your child’s success, watch the video below.