Badanamu is all about active learning. An active learning experience means activating a child’s entire brain while they play. We believe it’s not enough to tell a child, “This is the letter A, and it makes the sound /æ/.” Children need the chance to sing about A, hear A, feel A, move like an A, even make an A. In short, they should discover A.

Badanamu products are play-based learning animations, books, and applications that allow children to approach learning with every part of their minds. The Badanamu learning method brings the joy of discovery to early childhood education with 4 simple steps: Sing, Read, Play, and Do.

1. Sing

2. Read

3. Play

4. Do

1. Sing

Sing and dance along with animations designed to inspire positive emotion for learning. Join Bada and all his friends via YouTube or DVD.

2. Read

Reading Badanamu storybooks with your children stimulates their imagination and gives them a valuable opportunity to observe the patterns of language. It is the foundation for future reading success.

3. Play

Badanamu learning applications are hands-on, highly engaging, and creative. Children are free to explore the same learning topics they have experienced in the music and story books.

4. Do

Tracing, coloring, cutting, gluing, matching, and more! Badanamu activity books are filled with chances for children to be creative with language and math.

Active learning for ages 0-6

AgeWhat Kids LearnProducts
• Gross motor skills
• Positive emotions
• Patterns of language
• Everyday vocabulary
Nursery Rhymes DVD
Nursery Rhymes Books
• Letter names & sounds
• Shape & color names
• Numbers: counting & quantities
• Fine motor skills
• Patterns & problem solving
ABC DVD & Fun Book
Learning Pen Set
• Writing strokes
• Sounding out 3, 4, and 5 letter words
• Reading sight words
• Simple sentence reading
• Reading comprehension
Alphabet Talk & Trace
Story Time
Learning Disc Set

See the Badanamu method in action

Meet 5-year-old Badanamu Club member, Henry. He has been using the Badanamu Method with Story Time for a little over 6 months now. Find out how he learned to read and what his mom thinks of Badanamu.