It is our pleasure to announce the launch of our new app, Badanamu. Badanamu is the new hub for all our contents, including animations, storybooks, educational games, and courses.

Currently available on iOS and Android devices, the app has all of your favorite Pop, nursery rhymes, ABC, and Bada Talk videos. They also have all of our nursery rhyme (Bada Rhyme) and Bada Talk storybooks. You can easily access all of our digital content with this easy-to-use content browser. Just simply tap on any of the categories and look for your favorite song, book, or game.


There are two ways to enjoy Badanamu:

(1) Purchase Individual Content Packages


Users can purchase individual product packages that best suit their needs.


(2) Subscribe for an All-Access Pass


Users can choose to subscribe to access all of our content including:
Exclusive access to structured courses via “School”
• All songs
• All storybooks
• All games
• Free access to all new packages
• Early access to new content


Badanamu includes:

Popular videos including ABCs, POP, nursery rhymes, and more!


Interactive storybooks that are fun for children of all ages.


Educational mini-games, puzzles, and vocabulary games.


Exclusive to our subscribers.
Literacy test, courses, and progress tracking.



Download Badanamu now:

For iOS For Android