Badanamu Gift Toy – BADA

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Badanamu Gift Toy – BADA
Take your favorite Bada wherever you go!
Very fluffy and child-safe plush toy.

Product Description:

  • Great for cuddles or imaginative play
  • Designed to look more like Bada as seen on YouTube
  • 1 Bada Gift Toy: approx. 16 x 19 x 25 cm, 130g


20 reviews for Badanamu Gift Toy – BADA

  1. Ali

    Want to buy Bada for my little daughter.
    Please advise what should i do?

    • Badanamu

      Greetings from Badanamu! Thank you for your interest in our products. You may purchase Badanamu products through our online store. Please visit

  2. L

    What is the Shipping time for a Badanamu to reach the united States? My nephew really wants Bada with his rain boots on?

    • Badanamu

      3-4 days ..Today news stocks have arrived and the price is reduced 30% to 20$

  3. Fame

    What’s the shipping time to Lethbridge, Alberta Canada?

    • Badanamu

      Thank you for your interest in making an order. Shipping usually takes 3-5 working days.

  4. lami

    How much does it cost to ship bada toy to Palestine?

    • Badanamu

      Hi Lami! It will be around $25-30. However, shipping will be free when you purchase at least three toys. Please use the code BADAGIFTTOY during checkout.

  5. Lami

    How much does it cost to ship Bada’s toy to Palestine , my sun love Bads so much and he is only 13 months old. He always lestin to badanamu at home, car and even when he want to sleep.

    • Badanamu

      Hi Lami! It will be around $25-30. However, shipping will be free when you purchase at least three toys. Please use the code BADAGIFTTOY during checkout.

  6. Ozzie

    Hi, how long does it takes to ship from US to Singapore?

    • Badanamu

      Hi, Ozzie! It usually takes 3 to 5 days.

  7. jasonlenotte (verified owner)

    I just made a purchase it said free shipping but then charged $30. I can’t find any contact info on site

    • Badanamu

      Greetings from Badanamu! We are very sorry to hear that. Our free shipping promos have already ended last August 31.

  8. Kimberley

    My little boy is 1 year and he loves listening to Badanamu. He can’t take his eyes off the tv. I would love to buy him the soft toys. How much would shipping cost to the UK?

  9. Cynthia

    Good afternoon, I would like to know price already with shipping to mexico, my son loves his videos

  10. Stace

    Hi, does Badanamu have any theme party supplies for birthday?

    • Badanamu

      Hello there! Yes, we are selling them now.

  11. David trahar

    I live in the UK do you export your soft toys

    • Badanamu

      Yes! We deliver to the UK.

      • Badanamu

        We will soon update our shop to sell birthday packages.

  12. Jackie Lam

    Hi, I live in the you deliver your soft toys?

    • Badanamu

      Hello! Yes, we do deliver to Vietnam.

    • Badanamu

      Hi, Nelson. You need the Learning Disc Set and the Story Time application for it to work.

  13. Lionel W. (verified owner)

    Our daughter loves her new Bada!

  14. Rebecca broadbent

    Hello are there any stores in New York City what sell badanamu toys?

    • Badanamu

      Hi, Rebecca. We do not have a stand-alone store in New York. You may purchase our products through our online shop.

  15. Nathan

    Do you have any stockists in new york

    • Badanamu

      Hi, Nathan. We deliver products anywhere in the world.

  16. Maya Elb

    How much does it take it to reach Romania?

    • Badanamu

      Hi Maya. The shipping fee costs $40-50.

  17. David T

    Our two daughters love your show so much. I see that you used to have a free shipping code but it does not seem to be active anymore. Is there a new code that we could use. We wanted to get them a few animals for Christmas. Thanks so much!

    • Badanamu

      Hi David. We prepared some Christmas packages and the shipping is free when you order. The coupon code for this is BADACHRISTMAS.

  18. Chris Hamper

    do you still do free shipping on 3 or more toys?

    • Badanamu

      Thank you for your interest in our promo. Unfortunately, it has already ended.

    • Badanamu

      Thank you for your interest. The promo has already ended unfortunately.

  19. Mark

    Hi. I would like to order one of each of the character toys…will you be going any free shipping on these again?

    • Badanamu

      Hi, Mark! Just please keep checking our Facebook page. We’ll be announcing a promo soon.

  20. Cynthia (verified owner)

    I purchased the stuffed Bada for my one year old son. Despite shipping costing so much, it was worth it to see his face when we gave it to him on his first birthday. Later on we noticed a hole in the neck where stuffing was coming out. I reached out to customer service and explained the issue and was contacted back right away. They replaced my son’s Bada with a new one which arrived quickly. Thank you so much for being so helpful and prompt!

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