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  • Bada Rhyme 2 Package
  • Bada Pen



Length: Six-month program*

(*based on the Badanamu Center teaching framework)

Age Range: 18 Months+

Bada Rhyme 2 is an oral language program full of songs, stories, and activities to get your child familiar with the sounds of the English language. Together with Bada and his friends, your child will learn to count to 20, name different parts of the body, practice healthy habits, and so much more!

Package includes:

    • 12 Storybooks
    • 6 Activity Books
    • 6 Teaching Guides
    • Learning Props:
      • 6 Sound Tags
      • 6 Posters (A2 size)
      • 1 Mini Sticker Book
      • 1 Paper Doll
      • 1 Set of Health Habit Cards
      • 1 Role-Play Set
      • 1 Sticker Board
      • 1 Puzzle (12-piece)


Our hardcover storybooks are filled with 202 pages of captivating pictures that provide visual context for the nursery rhymes and reinforce the 120 keywords through rhyme and repetition.

Activity Books
Our activity books supplement your child’s learning with 192 pages of activities (incl. coloring, arts & crafts, sequencing, mazes, etc.). The various exercises help reinforce keywords, build creativity, develop fine motor skills, strengthen problem-solving skills, and inspire the inner artist.

Teaching Guides
Parents can feel confident teaching their child through these extensive guides that provides an overview of the program with explanations for the books and props.

Learning Props
Designed to enhance the learning experience by providing tools to reinforce the objectives of each program. All learning props work with the Bada Pen.

Bada Pen
The new Bluetooth Bada Pen 4.0 includes a voice recording function.
All storybooks and learning props work with the Bada Pen. Depending where the child taps the pen, they can hear the whole story, the nursery rhyme, the whole sentence, individual words, or fun character sound effects.


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