Bada Talk Full Package (includes Bada Pen)



Product Description:

  • 12 Story Books
  • 12 Activity Books
  • 12 Learning Props
  • 12 Teaching Guides
  • Bluetooth Bada Pen


Bada Talk

Length: 12 month course*

(Based on the Badanamu Center teaching framework)

Age Range: 3 years +


The Bada Talk 1 program is the first series in our vocabulary track. Children will learn new phrases and keywords related to the topics of “Around the Home” and “Health & Exercise”.

Bada Talk Package includes:

  • 12 Storybooks


Bada Talk’s high interest narrative storybooks provide the setting for maximum emotional engagement. With the help of a parent and the Bada Pen, young readers will learn keywords as they explore these themed stories.

Additional Information:

    • Built to last with durable, easy-to-turn pages and sturdy hard covers
    • Compatible with the Bada Pen
    • 380 pages
    • Features 89 different words and expressions
    • 225mm x 260mm
  • 12 Board Books


Bada Talk board books present the learning objectives in a simple format that is easy for young learners to process. The large text and colorful pictures are designed to help children recognize words and simple phrases in the story.

Additional Information:

    • Built to last with durable, easy-to-turn pages and sturdy hard covers
    • Compatible with the Bada Pen
    • 256 pages
    • 200mm x 200mm
  • 12 Activity Books


The activity books are designed to reinforce the keywords from the storybooks. Each activity book, filled with fun exercises, will help your child develop vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Activities Include:

    • Mazes
    • Coloring
    • Sticker activities
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Connect the dots
    • Circle the correct phrase
    • Pattern activities
    • Story sequencing

Additional Information:

    • Compatible with the Bada Pen
    • 300 pages of activities
    • 297mm x 210mm
  • 12 Teaching Guides


Parents can feel confident teaching their child because the guide provides:

    • An overview of the Bada Talk program
    • Overall class breakdown
    • Lists and explanations for the books and props
    • List of provided and outside materials needed to prepare the classes
    • Key points to keep in mind during the lesson
    • Estimated time each lesson component will take
    • Guiding questions to get your child speaking and engaged
    • Sensory play explanations
    • Directions for setting up and installing the Bada Talk Application
    • Extra activities and experiments for your curious child
    • Activity book answer sheet
    • QR codes that link to songs and dances

Additional Information:

    • 336 pages of instruction
    • 297mm x 210mm
  • Learning Props


Designed to enhance the learning experience by providing tools to reinforce the objectives. All learning props work with the Bada pen.

Props Include:

    • 4 Posters
      • Two of the posters can be colored in
      • A2 size (420mm x 594mm)
    • 2 18-Piece Puzzles
      • Children develop fine motor skills as they complete the puzzles.
      • 300mm x 213mm
    • 12 Learning Card Sets
      • Word on one side and a picture on the other side
      • 89 total cards
    • 2 Story Sequencing Card Sets
      • Children can explore the story in depth and improve their comprehension
      • 12 cards
      • 140mm x 105mm
    • 2 Word Puzzle Sets
      • Matching the keywords with their pictures
      • 16 puzzles
      • 200mm x 85mm
    • 3 Sticker Boards
      • Create Badanamu scenes with six different backgrounds
      • 83 removable, washable, reusable stickers
      • 297mm x 420mm
    • 1 Vocabulary Game Board
      • Includes one 6-sided die
      • Children review keywords with this fun game
      • 297mm x 420mm
    • 12 Sound Tags
      • Touching the sound tag with the Bada Pen will play the Bada Talk audio book and the song. These tags are great for on the go!
      • One audio book/song per tag
      • 55mm x 110mm


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