How Badanamu songs got Anthony’s students excited about learning English

It’s our pleasure to have Anthony guest posting from Korean public elementary school.

Hello! Anthony here! I am new to the Badanamu fan club, but I have recently discovered that their songs are a great warmup activity even for more advanced students in the 3rd and 4th grade.  I teach in a public elementary school, and for many of my students our classes are the first time they have started to learn and use English.

For a very long time I had trouble finding a way to get them to warm up to English. Those who didn’t like English didn’t care to even try, and those who did thought that their lessons at private academies were far more important than our public school classes. To encourage our students to be more excited about English, our school started a song signing competition. We started showing our students examples of songs they could sing, and they were instantly attracted to several of Badanamu’s songs.


The combination of cute characters and simple but catchy lyrics engaged many of our students in English for the first time. After watching one song in particular, Bada’s Fruit’s and Vegetables, we couldn’t get our students to stop singing. Many of them continued to remember and sing the lyrics even after our class had finished. It was a rousing success in engaging students in English!


Coming into a public school and learning English can be quite intimidating for many students. Many of their classmates have studied English at home or in English academies for many years. This causes many of our students to believe that they just aren’t good at English, or their classmates are smarter than they are. Other students, the ones who have studied for several years already, are often bored by starting at the beginning. They disengage quickly as they think they already know the material. Striking a healthy balance between the two groups is all but impossible.


But with Badanamu’s songs we have started to bridge the gap. Our beginner students finally start paying attention, drawn to the cute characters, and the English is simple enough that they can begin to grasp it. Our more advanced students are challenged by the complete sentences and difficulty of pronouncing the words properly, and everyone loves the singing.

Since we have started using Badanamu’s songs as a warm-up in our classroom, we have started to see students more engaged and retaining more information than ever before!