A New Way to Learn

Bada Pen

Read and play along with our Interactive Bada Pen.









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Bada Talk

Learn thematic vocabulary with the first step of our literacy program, Bada Talk.









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3. Digital Learning

Multiple intelligences for young learners The Badanamu SVOD service implements a powerful learning algorithm that recommends content to young learners. Our recommended content:

  • encourages well-rounded development
  • develops students’ weaker learning styles

The Penguin Family

Interactive Storybook

Read along as Bada learns how a family can help each other build a snowman.

Keywords: mother, father, sister, brother, family

People Smart

Po Pow Pay Dance Along

Dance-Along Animation

Follow the dance instructions at the bottom of the video to learn how to Po Pow Pay just like Curly.

Word Smart

Clean Up Time!

Read-Along E-Reader App

Listen and repeat key phrases from the story. Record your very own voice over!

Body Smart

First Step: Numbers

Learning Application

Practice your numbers 1–5 with Abby and all her friends on this preschool learning app.

Concepts: names, values, and orders for numbers 1 through 5

Logic Smart

Flower Photography

Learning Application

Complete your color collection by snapping pictures of owers that match these colors.

Nature Smart

Think and Feel

Learning Application

Learn to recognize and verbalize important emotions. Watch Bada and decide how he is feeling.

Emotions: happy, sad, angry, excited, surprised, tired, sleepy, hungry, shy, sick, frustrated, scared

Self Smart

First Step: Build

Learning Application

Learn how simple shapes can come together to makes iteresting new items.

Shapes: circle, square, triangle

Picture Smart

Hop Pop Stop Sing-Along

Sing-Along Animation

Practice your short O sounds with Jess and the whole gang. Can you sing along with them?

Short O sounds: hop, pop, stop

Music Smart

Introducing the NEW Badanamu Learning Pen Set

Learn to read and write like never before!

  • Simple and easy to use for tiny hands—ages 2-6
  • Play anywhere—Android, iOS, Windows, and OSX
  • NEW tracing and coloring function!
  • Special pre-order price—learning pen + 5 boards 70 USD

High Quality Educational Animations

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