Texture Book

The Texture Book is a really fun way for your child to learn various textures. Enjoy this quick and easy sensory craft activity with your child!

Learning Objectives:
To learn the textures: soft, squishy, rough, bumpy, and smooth.
Lesson Duration:
15-20 minutes


1. Prepare all the materials.

2. Introduce the concept of textures to your child.

Go around the room touching various objects and asking, “How does this feel?” “Does this feel soft or rough?”

3. Introduce each of the texture materials to your child. “This is a sponge. Does this feel bumpy or squishy?”

4. Cut out the template using scissors. (Please assist your child as needed.)

5. Lay out all the squares on the table. Point to each square and say the texture.

6. Match and glue each texture material to the square.

7. Assemble the book with the cover on top and staple it together. (Please assist your child as needed.)

8. Go through the book and have your child say and feel each texture material.