Learning Program

Embark on a learning adventure with Badanamu.

Follow Bada and his fellow cadets as they battle against the forces of darkness and keep the world of Badanamu safe.
Learning Program

Educational brand that provides digital, physical products, and full preschool and homeschool curricula for children


Stimulus-Based Emotional Learning Based on Early Childhood Development

Oral language exposure and sensory play

Foundational skills in vocabulary, phonics, STEM, and nature


Language and Literacy Development

Thematic vocabulary development

Phonics and phonemic awarenesss

Reading fluency and comprehension


Interdisciplinary and Applied Approach to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Math course based on common core standards

STEM lessons based on Badanamu Cadets episodes

Education Platform

Badanamu Learn & Play is a digital learning platform that supplements the Badanamu Learning Program (BLP) and is designed to reinforce learning and strengthen retention. Students complete supplemental lessons that follows the same curriculum track as the BLP, have access to digitized and animated storybooks as well as all Badanamu VOD content, such as songs, our animated series Badanamu Cadets as well as fun and educational mini-games designed with specific learning objectives tangential to what is taught in the BLP.

We loved it! Most importantly, my 2.5 y/o loved it!

He has never been so in love with classes and he was reluctant to leave Badanamu yesterday. The learning environment sets children in a wonderland where they learn and play with dedicated and most importantly patient teachers who speak gently and persuasively to children in a way that they understand and will not retaliate

They’re doing a great job!

Camille Ran

Brought my 18 months old girl there for a trial class, place was awesome, teachers were awesome!

Jaclyn Tang

Class is super fun and encouraging because the teachers are fun loving and innovative in their curriculum, our son absolutely loves going for class every Sunday. Able to see him improving in his speech and socializing skills with other kids as well as seeing him learn things that will benefit him before he goes to primary school is really heartwarming.

Ruby Liang

My son is just under 2 and he goes for classes daily.

He loves it there and I sometimes have to bribe him to go home!

Lin Lim