Special Video

Explore the magical world of Badnamu while experiencing exciting adventures along the way! And for the very first time ever, listen to your beloved characters talk and speak their hearts out! All of this can be found in a very special video made just for you!

Follow Bada and his friends, plus an all-new character Professor Pip, as they help their friend find his way home.

Bada Pop

Are you ready for the Badanamu Pop Hits collection?
It’s fun and exciting with Bada and all his adorable friends.
Featuring everything from “Po Pow Pay” to the pop sensation “Hop Pop Stop.”
This list has all the songs kids can’t wait to hear.

Bada Rhyme

May your day and night sparkle with moments of love and happiness in this beloved nursery rhyme.
Join in and take your feelings over the moon with this Badanamu collection!

Bada Talk

Who wants to learn vocabulary in the most fun way possible?
This collection can teach up to 100 essential vocabulary words while having fun at the same time.
Badanamu is learning through play.

Arts & Crafts

Let’s meet the characters from Badanamu!
At the same time, you can learn color names and other keywords.

Bada Phonics

Sing along and learn all about phonics finding out how the alphabet, consonant, and short & long vowels sound like!
Take your child’s first learning steps with Badanamu!


Let’s celebrate the holidays with Bada and friends!
Badanamu is here to spread holiday cheer filling you up with merriment and wonder!