KidsLoop-Chrysalis Partnership to Transform Learning

The KidsLoop-Chrysalis partnership is aiming to disrupt the Indian education industry through the combination of cutting-edge technology and unique pedagogy.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 17, 2020 / — KidsLoop, a global EdTech company, has entered into a partnership with Chrysalis, a research-focused company based in India. Together, the two companies aim to transform education by integrating world-class curriculum with AI-backed technology. They anticipate that the resulting offering will positively impact millions of children in the coming years.

KidsLoop is known in the EdTech industry for its unique learning platform of the same name, as well as its engaging educational content, Badanamu. Through this partnership, Chrysalis aims to integrate its unique pedagogy with cutting-edge technologies to provide parents with a holistic view of how their children learn. The two companies share a common goal of reshaping the educational landscape and creating a new blended learning model.

The CEO of KidsLoop, David Roberts, comments, “The R&D departments of KidsLoop and Chrysalis are developing a new offering for the Indian market which will disrupt the existing models of learning and completely change the perception of education. KidsLoop will utilize AI and machine learning to gain insights into children’s learning in order to revolutionize the educational process, and deliver curated solutions.”

Chrysalis CEO, Chitra Ravi, is also enthusiastic about the partnership, stating, “Enabling technology to support young children learn joyfully and effectively is the need of the hour. For an organisation like Chrysalis, which focuses on the whole child development, this becomes even more important. Our search for such technology ended happily with KidsLoop, a truly pioneering platform that is a gift to every child. We are truly excited to have found a partner in KidsLoop that will enable our dream for the child to become a reality.”

Together, KidsLoop and Chrysalis are working to improve the education industry and provide high-quality education for all young learners, regardless of location.

About KidsLoop Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2011, KidsLoop is a global EdTech company with principal offices in Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, and London. The KidsLoop vision is to transform early years education by providing the tools and asset libraries to digitize contents, collect data, and create personalized learning paths for every student. The platform offers a variety of options for interactive learning, both in class and remotely, and brings teachers, parents, and students together in one place. For more information, visit our website and connect with us on LinkedIn.

About Chrysalis

Chrysalis is leading a fundamental reform in school education by challenging mediocre practices in the educational ecosystem. Their vision is to awaken Human Potential in every child. The movement is super-powered by 19 years of state-of-the-art research and innovation and a fearless, passionate team of 200 Chrysalians. Chrysalis partners with over 900+ schools by offering ThinkRoom, a systematic change program. Chrysalis has taken several initiatives during this pandemic period to ensure continuity of learning and, more importantly, to ensure social and emotional wellbeing of children.