Delivering fun edutainment content 

to children all over the world

November 23, 2021 – Global Edtech company KidsLoop’s educational content, “Badanamu ” will soon be streaming on Netflix.

Badanamu content will go live on Netflix this coming December and will be available to stream in over 190 countries all around the world.

A total of three Badanamu programs will be aired on Netflix: Badanamu Stories, Bada Pop, and Badanamu ABC TV. Badanamu Stories showcases fun imaginative episodes paired with review sessions that teach young children simple English phrases. Bada Pop consists of themed episodes of compiled Badanamu songs that are fun and engaging to the young learner. Badanamu ABC TV is a popular series that teaches the alphabet and phonics.

David Roberts, KidsLoop CEO stated, “Through Netflix children all over the world can have access to easy and fun educational content in their own homes.” Roberts also stated, “KidsLoop has been producing quality educational content for the past ten years. Having our content now available on Netflix is an affirmation that attests to our world-class quality. We will continue to focus our efforts on expanding in the education market.”

KidsLoop has contracted with major channels and VOD platforms like Disney(Korea), Amazon Prime(UK), Astro(Malaysia), Tencent(China), Youku(China), and Sky(UK) and have distributed Badanamu content in over 100 countries worldwide.


About KidsLoop

Founded in 2011, KidsLoop is a global EdTech company with principal offices in Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, and London. The KidsLoop vision is to transform early years education by providing the tools and asset libraries to digitize contents, collect data, and create personalized learning paths for every student. The platform offers a variety of options for interactive learning, both in class and remotely, and brings teachers, parents, and students together in one place. For more information, visit our website and connect with us on LinkedIn.