KidsLoop-Jain Toddlers Alliance

KidsLoop, a leading global EdTech company that aims to transform the education landscape with its adaptive learning methodologies, and its partner in India, Chrysalis, a leading educational research organization, are proud and excited to announce a ground-breaking alliance with Jain Toddlers – an international play school chain, part of the JGI Group umbrella.

JGI – JAIN Toddlers will be using KidsLoop Live interactive class and data-driven technology to continue educating its current network of schools, with the expectation of reaching out to millions more in the coming years.

The JGI Group is a global pioneer in the field of education, touching over 65,000 students across its 87 institutions across India. JGI Schools created the first Whole Brain School in India and have won many awards, one of which is the International School Award by the British Council.

Comment from Dr. Chandrashekar, CEO of Jain Toddlers:
“We at JGI-Jain Toddlers are committed to providing the best quality education to our children at all times. This partnership with KidsLoop and their India partner Chrysalis will enrich our approach and enhance our ecosystem to further our commitment.”

Comment from David Roberts, CEO of KidsLoop:
β€œIt is a great privilege to work with one of the premier institutions such as the JGI group to help bring quality education to every child in India.”