Rumah Kisah and KidsLoop Announce Partnership to support over 1 billion Global preschool and K12 Islamic Learners 

Indonesia’s modern Islamic content provider, Rumah Kisah will leverage KidsLoop’s cloud-based education and classroom solution to power global learning for pre- and K-12 educators, and Muslim parents. The partnership will look to immediately address Indonesia’s Islamic K12 market, which exceeds 55m children. 

Rumah Kisah is the first Islamic content company with a vision to revive Siroh Nabawiyah and Islamic history for the younger generation of Indonesian Muslims. Content creation by combining art, technology, and high-quality audio aims to create a theater of the mind, highlighting the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW as an Islamic exemplary figure through audio drama and storybooks packed with grand journey and adventure. 

KidsLoop, a leading global EdTech company that aims to bring the gift of learning to every child and transform education by bringing new insights into learning, has further extended its global reach to Indonesia. With an existing business in 30 countries, KidsLoop now has a local presence in one of the world’s fastest-growing education markets and is also pleased to announce the strategic partnership with Rumah Kisah to spearhead the rapidly growing digital Islamic learning market. 

Rumah Kisah and KidsLoop will join forces and bring together their strengths to scale and accelerate the delivery and production of adaptive Islamic learning and materials. The two companies will work together to help schools, teachers, and parents serve personalized experiences to Indonesia’s young Muslim generation. This process will cost-effectively leverage existing asynchronous learning backed with data-driven insights. 

“Working with KidsLoop helps us simplify the digital transformation journey for schools, educators, and parents. This is in direct response to the market demand and will serve to further add to our already well-established network,” said Yuda Wirafianto, CEO of Rumah Kisah. “As a publisher of Islamic content that focuses on modernising our production systems, this partnership will accelerate the pace of innovation and deliver intelligent learning solutions that need to happen in the Islamic educational landscape.”

“As a business, we are experiencing an exciting period of rapid growth and innovation, all centered on delivering exceptional service and value to schools, educators, and students and providing a positive learning experience,” noted KidsLoop CEO, David Roberts. “We’re excited to embark on this new collaborative journey with Rumah Kisah. They have the expertise, experience, and regional knowledge to build upon our valued relationships in Indonesia and allow us to continue our growth story as we recognise the tremendous potential in the Islamic and Indonesian education industry. We are also very excited to leverage KidsLoop’s global partnerships to distribute Rumah Kisah religiously approved content to global Islamic young learners.” 

About Rumah Kisah 

Rumah Kisah was founded in early 2020, with a vision to revive Siroh Nabawiyah and Islamic history for the younger generation of Indonesian Muslims. To maintain the legitimacy of their work, Rumah Kisah ensures to include the advisory from Ustadz and Islamic scholars who have extensively studied Islamic history developed by authentic previous ulama.