Welcome to Day 4 of Badanamu World Cup Week! We hope you are having fun!

How about some songs that will boost your energy so you can cheer for your team?

Let’s make a world cup trophy!

Materials List:

  • 2 paper cups
  • yellow construction paper
  • pom-poms
  • star stickers
  • number felt (number 1)
  • glitter
  • masking tape
  • glue
  • scissors


1. Prepare all the materials.

2. Tape two cups together. 

3. Using glue, wrap the taped cups with yellow construction paper. 

4. Cut out the 2/3 of cup on the bottom like in the picture below.

5. Cut out two D-shapes from the yellow construction paper for the handles. Then attach them to the cup on the top. 

6. Decorate the trophy however you want.