Paper Chain Snake

Welcome to Day 4 of Amazing Animals Week!
Some animals like in dry and sizzling hot habitats. Other animals live in wet habitats.

Let’s learn more about animal habitats with our friends Bada and Mimi!
Did you know snakes are found in many types of habitats? Let’s make a paper chain snake!

Materials List:
Construction paper (red plus 2 additional colors) / Glue / Scissors / Googly eyes

1. Prepare all the materials.
2. Cut the construction paper into 16 long strips and one short red strip.
3. Fold the strip around in a hoop and glue it.
4. Loop another strip through the hoop and glue it.
5. Repeat the process until all the strips of paper have been used.
6. Glue a triangle to a hoop for the head.
7. Glue on eyes and the short red strip to the triangle.